Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Classes

“The educational requirements under section 5b(7)(c) for an applicant who is applying for a renewal of a license under this act are waived except that the applicant shall certify that he or she has completed at least 3 hours’ review of the training described under section 5b(7)(c) and has had at least 1 hour of firing range time in the 6 months immediately preceding the subsequent application.”

This means that you do not need to retake the entire course or even take a formal review of the legal portion of the training for your renewal. However, we recommend that CPL renewal applicants take the time to sit through the legal portion of a CPL class prior to renewal. Since we are all tasked with keeping up on changes to Michigan law, it is better to rely on a competent professional trainer for your review, and perhaps supplement that session with some “homework,” than to simply do three hours of self-study.

About The Class

  • Price of CPL Class: $130.00
  • Shooting Range Cost: Free
  • Class Deposit: $50.00 Required to hold a spot.
  • Start Time 8:00 a.m. Sharp

Schedule: Class starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Individuals need 100 rounds to shoot – these need to be full metal jacket rounds or the range will not let you practice. Ammo is available to purchase at The Gun Cage. If you do not have a firearm, The Gun Cage rents firearms for 20.00 dollars per day, and that’s because I have to clean them when done. Once everything is done at the range, the class comes back and takes the test to receive your certificate. Class goes by quickly, and we are able to have a lot of fun while maintaining a level or seriousness at the same time.

I welcome my new friends – thank you for the great day.

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After the course is completed, feel free to try out different pistols and stop in our shop to find a firearm that fits your needs. All purchases require valid Michigan Driver’s license and individuals must be cleared through the FBI NCIS website check.

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